Usher: Vegas Club Denies Singer Used Fake Money With His Face To Tip Strippers

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April 12, 2021 10:16PM EDT

A Las Vegas club is shooting down reports that Usher stiffed strippers by tipping them with fake bills, despite one of the dancers claiming otherwise.

A stripper in Las Vegas claimed that after dancing for Usher, the singer tipped her in fake “Usher bucks,” and even came with receipts in the form of photos of the fake money. As a result, the 42-year-old’s name was trending on Twitter all day with fans laying into him with memes about the stunt. It turns out, some of the fake $1, $20, and $100 bills with Usher’s face on them were left as a “joke” onstage and that he and his entourage spent “thousands” of actual dollars on dancers and bottle service at Vegas’ Sapphire Strip Club, according to TMZ.

The firestorm began when one dancer who goes by @beel0ove posted photos the fake Usher bucks — which he’s been seen posing with in clear cases in Apr. 3 photos on his Instagram page — to her IG stories and asked, “Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for usher and he threw this?? She also wrote “& the money does not have a trade in value what so ever. LMAO, don’t y’all think he should be blasted on social media for this sh*t?” She got her wish, as Usher was flamed on Twitter throughout the day.

It turns out this was all just a great big misunderstanding, according to TMZ.  A rep for Sapphire told the site that “Usher did NOT tip the strippers with this fake money, and actually dished out authentic greenbacks, while also going on to tip the staff at large quite generously.” UsherA Las Vegas strip club dancer accused Usher of tipping her with fake bills featuring his face on them, which you can see in the photo below. The club later said it was all a misunderstanding. Photo credit: SplashNews. The site went on to report that Usher and his crew ended up spending “thousands” of real dollars on the dancers as well as bottle service, and that Sapphire’s rep said that the club would “love to host” the singer again anytime he’d like to come in.As for the funny money, TMZ reports that someone in Usher’s entourage did leave behind the Usher bucks on the stage as a “gag,” as well as to promote his upcoming Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace beginning in July 2021. With the amount of heat Usher took on social media following the claim that he stiffed dancers at the strip club with his fake bills, hopefully the “Yeah” singer’s crew members will no longer bring Usher bucks in to strip joints in the future to avoid any confusion.
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